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Life Style & Relationship Coaches

Dating and Life Style coaches aim to improve confidence in your interactions with potential or existing partners.

Professional Relationship & Intimacy Coaches
Successfull dating starts with the right mindset. It is essential that you are confident, well presented, energetic, slightly cheeky, can provide entertaining conversation and are willing to show a genuine interest in the person you are speaking to. I can teach you how to achieve this NOW!
Services: Phone service help Australia wide.


Jacqueline Hellyer, Sex Coach & Therapist
Jacqueline Hellyer is one of Australia's leading media sexperts, author, professional sex therapist and workshop leader. Her knowledge and experience, from the scientific to the Tantric, is as broad as it gets and she shares it in an incredibly open and inspiring way. Her intention is to help you get real and reach your sexual potential, whatever your orientations or interests.
Services: Sydney in person, and phone/skype elsewhere


The Dating Coach Center
No success dating?. Can't find the right partner? A once-off consultation could help you to find that special someone!.
Services: Brisbane


The Art of Intimacy
Melissa's experience as a intimacy and Relationship Coach on the NSW Central Coast has inspired, challenged and supported hundreds of people in realigning with their relationships.
Services: NSW - Central Coast


Professional Dating & Relationship Coach
Helen Avaient is a professional dating and relationship coach.She work's with people who want to find love and improve their relationships. You decide what kind of changes you want in your life and She will work with you to make them a reality.
Services: QueensLand


Secrets for Singles
Secrets for Singles is all about you creating a new and different experience of dating & relationships. One where you have the skills, tools and confidence to know what you want and how to get it.
Services: Aust wide online, for personal coaching (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane)


Life Coaching Melbourne
Having studied the skill of building rapport, flirting, networking, and the law of attraction. Sandy has successfully helped hundreds of single people with attracting an ideal partner. It is fun, easy, non-confronting, and very rewarding program.
Services: Melbourne


Coaching & Counselling for Alternative S'xuality Communities, Polyamory, BDSM and Kink,GLBT, Tantra "Because Love, Pleasure and Awareness know no limits" If you've ever gone for coaching/counselling/therapy, and had to spend most of your time educating the counsellor/therapist then you will appreciate what a relief it is to go see a Kink and poly-friendly professional.
So if you're dating, in a relationship (or two :-), or anything in between, check out our many services.
Services: Sydney


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