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Guide to Flirting & Dating

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Flirting & Dating Tips & Advice

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Flirting Tips - General

Try To Be Mysterious
If you have a feel that the date will end up with the expected result never ever try to be in a hurry. Many of the first dates become a nightmare as one shares more personal things that the other can handle. In fact, by doing so the date becomes a simple one to one session rather a romantic evening. So when you are on a first date try to be mysterious. By doing so you partner will be intrigued and will be more eager to learn about you.

Make The Best Use Of Humor
If you are on a first date, it will be more stressful since you both don’t know much about each other. In such situations ease off the situations with a tint of humor! By adding humor in your conversation both of you will feel relaxed and it will wash away the shyness between you both instantly. Make it a point to note that the humor that you use in your conversation is a no harm one.

Compliment Your Mate
Flattery is the shortcut to a successful flirting. Try including little compliments in your conversation, but avoid the compliments that are sexual in nature. Compliment in a subtle manner so that the other one doesn’t gets a feel that you are trying to flatter. Compliment on the things like the decors at home, your partner’s costume. Also give a chance to the other to compliment you back, so that you will be able to judge whether the other one is interested or not.

The Science Of Flirting
Chemistry between the two of you is an important aspect to be considered while flirting. The flirting tips that you have learned will be of no use if there is no chemistry between you two. Make it a point to learn the how to flirt tips and also try to be yourself.


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The Best And The Useful Flirting Tips For Men

If you are a novice to online flirting, you will find the flirting tips for men listed here to be of greater use. However, online flirting requires more practice and a better understanding of the tactics.

Bring in humor whenever possible – be it online or offline this is an important point to note among the flirting tips for men. Women prefer a man who makes them to smile. There are many cases in which women have even forgiven their man of their infidelity just because of the reason that he makes her laugh. Thus, using humor will never harm you.

Have a complete enjoyment of the online session – letting yourself go and enjoying the online session is what you should do. You will find yourself to be a great person to have an online session when you are in your natural self. Try to be relaxed when you are online. Whoever there in the other end has come here for complete fun, so promise the same to her.

Keeps the references to sexual acts away– since women doesn’t prefer anything like this. Though men consider this to be enjoyable, women finds the online sexual talks as disgusting! They will cut the relationship if any such move is there from your side. Complement her in the best way deliberately keeping the tint of sex away.

Be a good listener – women always prefer man to be a good listener. Keep close attention to whatever she says. Keep the arguments between you both light and subtle. Laughing at yourself is also one among the proven flirting tips for men.
Don’t make the other one feel that you are trying to hurry up the relation. Let the relation grow in a gradual way so that it will bring a positive result in the end. She will enjoy sharing her ideas and views if you do so.


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Flirting Tips for Women

Though flirting tips for men are listed out in many popular magazines, it is hard to find flirting tips for women. This problem is solved here by listing out the best flirting tips for women.

Figure Out What He Likes
Though this tip sounds too obvious this plays a major role in luring the dream man of yours. This tops the list of the best flirting tips for women. To find his likes just ask your friend who is a friend of his.

If he is a complete stranger, finding out his likes will be a bit tough job. Don’t give up, you can still find out the likes of your man with close observation. Watch what he is doing. Whether he is listening to the iPod or reads newspaper or what kind of coffee he prefers and so on. Make a note of all these and you can easily spark up a conversation with him.

Try To Avoid Pretending
Your close observation helps you to find out the he likes jogging. But you are the one who stays away from exercise. In such cases, never ever try to imitate him. If you do so, the end results will be not favorable. Even if you are on a date never pretend to have a liking towards the things that he likes. Such lies will weaken the relationship so be careful to avoid pretending.

Body Language
Few of the guys will remain numb to verbal flirting. In such cases put the best use of body language. Body language plays a good role in luring men. Try things like touching his shoulder when you are with him. This shows him that you are comfortable in his company and also gives a hint of attraction.

Confirm That He is Responding to Your Actions
If you didn’t get any response from your man even after you tried all the techniques, it is high time that you move on. The flirting technique won’t work good if the other person remains passive. Never feel discouraged, try your flirting techniques with a new guy. If he responds in a positive manner, then he is worth your efforts.


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Online Flirting

The main thing that attracts many to online flirting is the reason that it is more fun. Online flirting gives the chance to flirt with anyone. You can flirt till you drop with online flirting! If online flirting gets out of hand it gives you the chance to back off and in finding a new person with ease.

Online flirting promises lasting relationships. An affair that starts through online flirting ends up in marriage in most cases. Since you can find genuine people online, you can easily find a reason to fall in love with the person whom you have found through online flirting.

Online flirting acts as a greater time pass. If you are the one who is in search of complete entertainment, online flirting is the best pick for you. Right from the comfort of your arm chair you can enjoy the fun promised by online flirting. If you want to take online flirting to the next level, you can make use of a web camera.

With online flirting one can easily make friends. There are many people on the net who are in search of friends. So, you can find a friend with ease. In many of the online chatting websites you can find chat rooms based on the country or region wise giving you a chance to make friendship with any type of people. By making friends through online flirting, you can learn about the customs and traditions in a region.

Online flirting gives you a chance to understand who you are. With the feedback that your friends give through online flirting you can access your nature. If you are person who finds criticisms as harmless, you can mould a better one out of you with the comments that you get from online flirting.

Get started with online flirting today. You can find friends around the world and can have more excitement and fun with online flirting.


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Dating Conversational Skills and Tips

Most of your conversations come from your body-language and voice tone. It is very important to learn how to say anything and have that convey any meaning you want.

A good exercise is to practice saying different common phrases and use your voice tone, body language and expressions to convey different meanings. Like take any expression, and practice saying that when you are very insecure and then as if you are the most confident person of this earth.

Don't be desperate to date. Tell her you are busy before you are available. Follow the scarcity principle.

Behave in a confident manner!

Don't ask common questions on a date. That doesn't create ATTRACTION. You can not be boring. Don't have a boring body language. Sit back. Ever seen romantic heroes? Learn from them.


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Be Confident - How Confident People Behave

Confident people:
  • make their own space
  • talk slow, deep and affirmatively
  • radiate positive energy... positive body language
  • never panic... are always so cool... relaxed
  • always focused... know what they have to do
  • absolutely no fear of anything... feels as if they can do anything

Try to act like a confident person by adapting those qualities one by one (even in private) until these qualities settle in your subconscious mind. It will eventually make you confident.

Important: Confident does not mean being: arrogant, abusive, macho, aggressive towards others or being sexiest.


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Be cool, not only cool but super-cool!

First, let's examine what are the opposite symptoms of being cool:

  • Trembling voice
  • Tension in muscles
  • Mind going blank
  • Unnecessary thoughts coming in
  • Tight face expressions
  • Worrying how others are thinking of you
  • Unnessesary fears

Keep the above symptoms away from you, just don't let them creep in, and you are moving a step forward in being cool.

Being cool, is all about:

  • How you walk
  • How you talk
  • How you act
  • How you feel (that's most important)
  • How you interact with others

'How you feel' is most important, because if you feel right, the other 4 things will come in automatically.

How to be cool:

  • Changing your beliefs about certain things
  • Healthy mind
  • Practicing relaxation
  • There should be a "feel good factor" always

Changing your beliefs is not easy, you got to change your mind pattern, that is, the way your mind responds to certain situations. Your mind is like a programmable device, it reacts to situations the way it is programmed. So, if you program it right, it will respond to situations the way you want automatically!

Now, the question is how to program your mind? or what programs your mind? The answer is, "YOUR OWN THOUGHTS". So, keep your thoughts positive and healthy.


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