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  The Secret to Mind Blowing Oral Sex!
Submitted: 15 May 2014   Author: Eva Sless
  Some Words for the Lower Desire Partner
Submitted: 08 Apr 2014   Author: Jacqueline Hellyer
  Is your Online Dating Profile Guilty of These Turn Offs
Submitted: 05 Feb 2014   Author: Profile Diva
  Swingland: Inside the Secretive Life of a Swinger
Submitted: 17 Oct 2013   Author: Daniel Stern
  An Erection does not have to be Serviced
Submitted: 12 Sep 2013   Author: Jacqueline Hellyer
  Online Dating Photo Failures Men Should Avoid
Submitted: 07 Aug 2013   Author: Profile Diva
  Backdoor Pleasures
Submitted: 04 Apr 2013   Author: Jacqueline Hellyer
  We Judge Normal on our own Experiences
Submitted: 01 Mar 2013   Author: Jacqueline Hellyer
  We-Vibe III: Sharing the Buzz
Submitted: 20 Feb 2013   Author: Eva Sless
  Playing with Pleasure & Pain
Submitted: 07 Dec 2012   Author: Jacqueline Hellyer
  Stocking up your Love Larder
Submitted: 23 Nov 2012   Author: Jacqueline Hellyer
  Lux LX4 Male Stimulator
Submitted: 22 Nov 2012   Author: Eva Sless
  Swan Leaf Bloom
Submitted: 15 Nov 2012   Author: Eva Sless
  The Swan Clutch – Designer Sex Toy
Submitted: 08 Nov 2012   Author: Eva Sless
  Welcome to the Freak Show!
Submitted: 26 Oct 2012   Author: Cam Langdon
  The Sensual Dom(me)
Submitted: 24 Jul 2012   Author: Jacqueline Hellyer
  The Trumpeter Swan: Double your Delight!
Submitted: 06 Jul 2012   Author: Eva Sless
  Three Good Reasons to Read Erotica
Submitted: 29 Jun 2012   Author: Jacqueline Hellyer
  G, A & Ohhh Spots
Submitted: 26 Jun 2012   Author: Jacqueline Hellyer
  What Happens when Friends become Playmates!
Submitted: 22 May 2012   Author: Chantelle Austin
  Online Dating Rejection – Suck it Up Princess!
Submitted: 26 Apr 2012   Author: Cam Langdon
  The Receptive Vagina
Submitted: 20 Mar 2012   Author: Jacqueline Hellyer
  Meet More Women Online by Changing Your Approach
Submitted: 16 Mar 2012   Author: Cam Langdon
  Female Bodies are Sexual Pleasure Machines
Submitted: 29 Feb 2012   Author: Jacqueline Hellyer
  How to Get More Sex Using Adult Dating Sites
Submitted: 06 Feb 2012   Author: Cam Langdon
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